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Week 4:

Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Dylan McDermott

Week 5:

George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Adam Sandler

Feburary- For more info on Leo's newest movie, The Beach, go to this site

Nov, 29, 1998---Celebrity is out, and although Leo's only in for a quarter of an hour, Woody Allan has been raving about his performance. He's also starting filming of "The Beach" soon.

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June 27, 1998--Just when Leonardo DiCaprio's image was starting to look a tad bit tarnished in light of some of his widely reported rowdy exploits, he turns around and fully redeems himself. It seems Leo popped by the Beverly Hills Planet Hollywood eatery for lunch Wednesday—but the hottest commodity in town wasn't there to wheel and deal with Gucci-suited power brokers. Instead, he supped with eight very lucky young girls, whose wishes literally came true when they broke bread with the Titanic heartthrob. The Associated Press quotes 13-year-old Jennifer Nash, one of the fortunate octet, as saying, "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh," after the meeting. Nash, who hails from Hope Mills, N.C., suffers from leukemia and asked the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Eastern North Carolina, a group that grants the wishes of youngsters with life- threatening illnesses, to arrange for her to meet Mr. DiCaprio. The other girls at the lunch were also there due to the efforts of Make-a- Wish and similar organizations. Speaking from her Beverly Hills hotel room, Jennifer says, "He was the greatest. He's just so great! He kissed me and kissed me, again and again the whole time, and he brought photographs and just told us about everything! I can't believe it!" In addition to the photographs, Nash also returns home with another memento from the event: a shirt hand-embroidered by Leo's mom. Lani Hana, the Make-a-Wish celebrity coordinator in Los Angeles, offers the understatement of the year when she explains, "Leonardo is a very hot wish right now."

June 8, 1998- Leo won the MTV Best Actor Award last night, he wasn't there, but he accepted the award on video, and there was a funny sketch afterwards about the "Making of the Leonardo Dicaprio Acceptance Speech" with Andy Dick (from NewsRadio) (by the way, everyone loved you Phil, rest in peace)

May 23, 1998-This just in... Although Leo has recently passed up the oppourtunity to star in the movie "All the Pretty Horses" (Matt Damon snapped up the role) he was actively searching for a role to send his image in a different direction. He found this role in "American Psycho" an adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis's unsavory novel about a serial killer in yuppie's clothing. DiCaprio will get a career high $21 million to play Patrick Bateman, the yuppie whose hobbies include committing unseakably violent acts of torture and dismemberment. The director didn't want DiCaprio, and she quit when he was cast, so the movie is without a director, for now. Look for the movie coming out in the next 2 years.

APRIL- DiCaptivated enlarged it's picture archives, thanks to contributions from other Leo fans our images section is still growing by the day (even though we thought we'd already found his best pictures, we were wrong. If you have a picture you'd like to send us, e-mail us at
You'll get full credit on our site.

Oscar Night- TITANIC owned the Oscars this year, with 11 wins from 14 nominations, tying Ben Hur for the all time high.
The 11 Oscars were won for-Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction, Best Costume Design, Best Film Editing, Best Original Score (Dramatic), Best Original Song (My Heart Will Go On), Best Sound, Best Sound Effects, and Best Visual Effects.

It truly was Jim Cameron's night. He was the topic of nearly every joke by Billy Crystal, was thanked countless times in acceptance speeches, and his "little chick flick," as he called it, ran away with the show. He truly must have, as he said in his Best Director acceptance speech, like "The King of the World!" He also showed class and respect when he asked for a few seconds of silence to honour the people who died on the real TITANIC.

There were a few disapointments, however. Kate Winslet and Gloria Stuart were both overlooked, and TITANIC also lost in the Best Makeup category, as well, Leonardo DiCaprio did not attend, not wanting to take away from anyones' moment.

Overall, though, there is no doubt that March 23, 1998, was truly "A Night To Remember."

Month of March-
1)TITANIC makes $1 000 000 000 (one billion)world wide
2)We've found lots more pictures, (thanks to Trudi for some MITIM ones)
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4)Look for lots of expansions in Di-Captivated, with easier to print pictures, special pages dedicated to each of his movies, more links (see above to become one of them) and more. Bookmark our page and come back soon to see the changes.
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Feb 14/98 The Oscar nominations are in, and TITANIC has tied the all time record with 14 nominations! They include:
Best actress in a supporting role: Golria Stuart. Best actress in a lead role: Kate Winslet. Best Director: James Cameron, Best song, Best Original Soundtrack and BEST PICTURE!
Congratulations to the cast and crew of TITANIC, good luck!

Jan 18/98 Congratulations to TITANIC, winner of 4 Golden Globe awards. (of 8 nominations. Ones they did NOT win: best actress in a film-Drama, best actor in a film: Drama, best screenplay, and best supporting actress in a film.)
Although Leo and Kate were snubbed for best actor and actress in a motion picture-drama, TITANIC was successful, winning:
Best Original Score-Motion Picture, James Horner;
Best Original Song-Motion Picture, "My Heart Will Go On" Celine Dion, James Horner;
Best Director-Motion Picture, James Cameron; and (congratulations to the cast and crew of TITANIC) Best Motion Picture-Drama

Jan 8/98 Di-Captivated adds Man in the Iron Mask, and new TITANIC pictures, as well as another magazine section and a rare Romeo + Juliet pic.

Jan 6/98 TITANIC reaches 154.5 million dollars, and NBC buys the TV rights (year 2000) for 30 million.

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Jan 3/98: Uh-Oh......many Leo pages took a HUGE BLOW today..the page, which many have gotten their pictures from, changed the URL from /multimedia to /photos_and_movies! So, nearly all pages viewd were full of broken images! Oops!

Jan 1/98: Large pictures of Leo graced the pages of many magazines this month, including:
YM, All About You, Vanity Fair, and PEOPLE. Check them out, it's a good way to start the new year.

Dec. 26/97: Our cool new Leo DiCaprio webpage, Di-Captivated (c) was open to the public, for all to view!! And the world rejoiced.

Dec. 19/97: the long-awaitted epic TITANIC, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet was released in Canada and the United States. It took top place in the opening week, making 23 million dollars, well on it's way to breaking the $350 million it took to make it. *on a personal note* We both saw this movie, and enjoyed it immmensly. It is extremely moving. Bring your kleenex, and avoid any large drinks during the 3 hour and 14 minute long movie. For at least a week afterwards, avoid any sad/Celine Dion music, previews for Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio movies, pictures, etc.
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